Kira, your HR Assistant Chatbot

Hi! I'm Kira. I'm an HR Assistant Chatbot.

I can handle routine HR queries and even identify the areas in HR procedures that need improvement. I will provide you with insightful reporting when needed

Release capacity in your human resources team by utilising an HR assistant chatbot. Kira intelligently learns your HR policies and can handle staff queries effortlessly. Gain insights into what your staff are most concerned about and further improve their HR experience.

With built-in integration into existing communication channels such as Skype and Teams, Kira can be easily integrated into your business. Make Kira a part of your team to help staff 24×7.

Key Benefits

Free up time for HR staff and increase the value of interpersonal communications

Enhance the HR experience for your staff

Identify the areas of improvement in your policies

Integrate with most popular messengers like Skype and Teams

How we help

Develop an understanding of HR policy structure

Training the Chatbot on HR policy

Integration with Office 365

User training & empowerment

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