Data Platform & Visualisation Services

First we build, test and implement key Data Platform components. Then we bring your data to life with stunning visualisations.

Challenges you have

Your platform is becoming increasingly complex and
you want professional advice to keep it manageable

It is hard to put together an internal team who can
solve the full range of data platform challenges

Projects are moving quickly, and you need to be able
to provide solutions at the same pace

Our solutions

Position appropriate experts for each technical challenge
Drive optimal data platform environment and deliver impactful reporting
Perform end-to-end delivery services

Our data specialists are equipped with the tools, methodologies, and experience that help to expand your platform and enhance your reporting in a structured approach. We work with data platforms from design to implementation across all key technical components such as Data Lakes, Databases, ETL processes, Cubes and Reporting.

We provide clear timelines and expectations for what can be delivered and when, and what interactions are needed between the business and the technical team.


Easier to manage, well-structured data platform

More cost effective use of resources

Impactful reporting that drives decision making

Our advantages

Our on-shore operation assures customers quality interactions with our delivery team. Our specialists have experience delivering across multiple projects and we invest in training our team to utilise the latest technologies.

We provide methodologies and tools that secure quality outcomes that are driven by the best technological capabilities. Our seasoned consultants can provide realistic project timelines, highlighting and managing potential risks.

Client Stories