Data Platform Managed Services

Remove the burden of managing Data Platforms by leveraging our DataOps / Managed Services model with our Data Platform Managed Services.

Challenges you have

The costs and limits of maintaining a modern, complex data platform internally are stifling innovation as more time is spent working on the data than with the data

Trying to hire and retain the multidisciplinary team members that can support your systems is becoming increasingly challenging

You are unable to leverage the latest technologies since making changes to the system carries too much uncertainty

Our solutions

Monitor your key processes and capabilities
Manage failures in real-time
Perform active cost management
Stay up-to-date with technological changes and improvements

We provide a managed service approach to your data platform, treating your data as an essential business service that needs to be kept running smoothly at all times, just like any other part of your corporate infrastructure. Our team monitors all your key processes and capabilities – Data Lakes, Databases, ETL processes, Cubes etc. – and manages failures as they occur.

We keep an eye on cost fluctuations over time and look out for technological changes that can improve your solution. This is provided for a fixed monthly fee and with essential 24×7 support and agreed SLA’s.


Complex data platform is maintained cost effectively by experts

Save internal IT resources for more important business operations

Stay up-to-date with the latest Data & AI technology and systems

Our advantages

Outsourcing the management of your data platform to a team of dedicated experts means your core data platform is attended by specialists at all times. Our robust processes and knowledge management make sure that any updates on our end have no negative impact on your business.

We keep an eye on the costs of your platform, warning you ahead of time if consumption costs are going to rise, and we are constantly seeking ways to leverage new technology to bring down costs and raise opportunities for better outcomes.

Client Stories

Residential property developer

Government Analytics Architecture