D365 FinOps Analytics Platform

Deliver comprehensive financial analysis from the D365 FinOps platform using our established & cost-effective turnkey accelerator

Enhance your decision making with a powerful analytics platform built from your Dynamics 365 FinOps ERP system. Our D365 FinOps Analytics Platform Accelerator will give you complete visibility over your FinOps data, allowing you to develop custom reporting and deliver impactful insights.

Utilising the latest technologies, our platform accelerator is a fast, secure and reliable solution companion to D365 FinOps. Easily scalable, the accelerator delivers an enterprise analytics platform capable of serving reporting needs across your business.

Key Benefits

Generate financial reports for comprehensive analysis

Cater to executive, departmental and investigative reporting needs

Eliminate the need to build an analytics platform from scratch

Ensure your information is secure, governed and easily discoverable

How we help

Detailed requirement gathering

Deployment of the Analytics Platform accelerator

Configuration of reporting & information management

User training & empowerment

Get Insights from D365 FinOps Analytics

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