Client stories

At FTS Data & AI our goal is to help businesses become more efficient and profitable through the use of Data & AI capabilities.

We have worked with our customers in Government agencies and Commercial businesses across Australia to deliver these results.

Below is a selection of some of our client stories – how they worked with us, what benefits they realised and what problems were solved. They are broken down by the services we provide so you can focus on the stories of most relevance to you.

Our key services are:

  • Data & AI Strategy – helping you plan how to invest effectively
  • Data Platform – helping build the foundations needed to capture data in a useful way
  • Data Visualisation – presenting data in a manner that communicates effectively to drive action
  • Managed Services – to help you focus on working with the data, not maintaining it
  • AI & ML – exploring the use of advanced analytics to improve customer experiences and find new efficiencies