About us

Our Vision 

We believe that businesses should spend more time on the data and less time with the data.
We are committed to providing the best Data & AI solutions. We strive to successfully manage data platforms for our customers.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to build the world leading practice for managing, monitoring and maintaining customer’s data platforms. Our practice focuses on building a strong data architecture and data management process.

FTS Group

FTS Data & AI is part of the FTS Group, a federated group of IT services businesses operating throughout Australia and New Zealand. FTS Group provides access to local specialist services at a fair price, with tangible differentiators such as tools and methodologies and effective task governance as well as quality assurance.

Each business within the group pursues its own market opportunity. As a combined entity we offer scale, market reach, deep capability, strong management processes and the stability you look for in a business partner that delivers results.

Our advantage

People deserve better

We have a fundamental belief that customers deserve better. This drives us to deliver results that make an impact.


We are big enough to support you with a broad range of services and small enough to adapt to the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Managed risk

We leverage the size and scale of FTS Group – with over 300 employees and 100 million dollar revenue across Australia and New Zealand.

Targeted skills

Our consultants are highly qualified Microsoft Data & AI experts with broad industry experiences.


We are at the forefront of Digital Transformation leading with modern Data Platform solutions to empower your business

Practice Methods

Strategy, Plan, Transform, & Run

Data & AI carries out our services through the FTS practice method – Strategy, Plan, Transform, and Run. This method guarantees transparency and minimise risks while delivering the best outcome for our customers. It allows companies to find the suitable services without engaging in excessive services or products.