Eliminating boring work and uninformed decisions

You are wasting your time on boring and repetitive work.

You are wasting your money because your decisions aren’t fully informed.

We use Data & AI + RPA technologies to fix this.

Client Stories

Discover how we have empowered our clients through our support of their Data & AI initiatives.

Travel Data Platform Modernisation

Azure Data Platform Modernisation – Travel

D365 FinOps Demo Microsoft

D365 FinOps PowerBI

Museum Data Platform Modernisation

Inventory Management Dashboard – Komatsu

Government PowerBI Governance

Residential property developer

Property PowerBI Reporting

Government Analytics Architecture

Museum PowerBI reporting

Our Services

Turn your data into an asset with a modernised platform. We provide a full range of services to help you through your Data & AI journey. We start by helping set your strategy so you reduce risk in your investment. Then we work with you to build the robust data platforms needed to support your efforts. This data is then visualised through modern tools to present data in a manner tailored to your many business audiences. Finally we help you on the journey to bringing Machine Learning and AI capabilities to take your business to a data driven peak. Underpinning this is our Managed Services which ensure keeping these complex systems running doesn’t become a drag on your operations.

Data & AI Strategy


Data & AI Strategy

Ensure value from your investment

Data Platform Delivery Services


Data & AI Delivery Accelerators

Get the data ready to deliver value faster

Data Visualisation Delivery Services


Data Monetisation

Extract value from your data assets

Macbine Leanring & AI


Customer Experience

Improve engagement with AI & RPA powered solutions

Partners & Locations

We have a number of key software vendor partnerships to support our services, including Microsoft, UiPath and Pragmatic Works. We have a high level of expertise in the Microsoft Azure platforms and the PowerBI data visualisation tool – demonstrated by our contributions to Microsoft’s PowerBI Partner Showcase.


We deliver services across Australia, focusing on Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (VIC) and Canberra (ACT). We are a proud member of the FTS Group, and through the Group have access to a wide range of Federal and State procurement panels, making working with us easy for our Government customers.